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Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Roni. I am an aspiring midwife, a yogi, a doula, an amateur baker, dark chocolate lover, and a student- in many ways!

I love the smell of autumn. The sound of applause in a huge crowd. Drums. The taste of fresh-brewed black coffee. Warm snuggly blankets. Deep voices. Steam. Sparkly things. Trees, soil, and flowers. I love when strangers smile at one another, and when people feel sexy. I love when men kiss their partners on the top of the head, anything African, and the sound that babies make when they suckle for milk.

I dream big, a quality I have no doubt inherited from my father. One day I dream that there will be a place, perhaps that I will help create, a Mama’s center- a place where women can come visit their midwives, drink a fresh smoothie, drop by for a yoga class, dance workout, relaxing massage, or just to rest from their days. A place where every woman feels she is a goddess.

For now though, I am here, and I want to share all that gives me life! I believe that we all need at least one big hug a day. A real hug. A big belly hug. And to love it more, add in a yoga hug, a belly rub, some yummy food for it to feel nice. (All the moments that catch you in bliss)

Here you can find playlists from classes you have attended, Doula information, birth stories, wellness blogging, recipes to create, and a whole jumble of all things wonderful ❤

Welcome, welcome to my blog!

big belly hug,


For workshops and classes, find Roni weekly at:

extendYoga in Rockville, Maryland: http://extendyoga.com/

withLove DC, popup workshops and classes all over the city: http://www.withlovedc.com/about


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